The University of Applied Sciences Constance is an internationally reknown university in Germany with a long history. It was founded in 1906 as Private School of Engineering. Today it has more than 3,800 students and 140 professors. The courses of study range from economics, over design to engineering. It is a highly decorated University with various cooperations in China.


The Beijing Institute of Technology is the partner located in Beijing. With around 38,000 students it is also the biggest one. It was founded in the city of Yan’an in 1940. The BIT is an national key university with its main focus on economics and engineering. The BIT is among the first class universities in China and highly supported and appreciated through governmental bodies.


The University of Applied Sciences Ingolstadt is an emerging and ambitious university in Germany that was founded in 1994. With its focus on economic, computer and engineering it has currently about 2,400 students. Despite its short history it is already ranked among the top ten universities of applied sciences in the German speaking European countries. UAS Ingolstadt has more than 50 cooperations with other universities, some of them in China. I Its guideline is to qualify their students in a holistic, innovative and practical way.


The cooperating universities have developed a 71-day program that consists of seven blocks. It is a part-time program that will take place in a period of two years. The 21 courses refer to six main topics, namely General Management, Creating Value, Compliance and Corporate Governance, Managing across Cultures, Human Capital Management and Organizational Development.

The scope of this Executive MBA covers a wide management area with a special focus on compliance and corporate governance and adapted to Chinese requirements. The program ranges from general management knowledge to specific aspects like Chinese management culture. Great importance is attached on blended learning, which is a combination of different teaching methods like presentation through lecturers, books and e-learning. This combination allows a maximum output through optimal input.

During this program the students are supposed to write an exposition for each block that is, regarding the content, connected to their business responsibility in the company and to the topic compliance and corporate governance. At the end of the Executive MBA study a final thesis has to be proposed which is the final step to achieve the exam and fulfill the requirements of this program.



Die LCBS Lake Constance Business School hat ein umfangreiches Netzwerk an Partnern. Die Beziehungen sind in der Regel über Kooperationsverträge geregelt und umfassen die gemeinsame Entwicklung und Durchführung von berufsbegleitenden Angeboten der Wissenschaftlichen Weiterbildung.

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