Faculty & Didactics

Didactics are based on the following three steps: First internationally renowned professors deliver the theoretical and scientific state of the art of every topic. Then executives from companies deliver the best practice cases for the related topic. Finally the transfer to the daily practice of the participants is assured on the basis of the first two steps by making use of the professional expertise and personal experience of the participants as valuable potential through a mutual exchange of experiences with professors and best practice experts. The project studies ensure the continuous transfer of the contents of the modules to the student’s own professional environment.

Under the guidance of a professor, with another as second reader, and in consultation with a representative of the employing organization, students identify the business/management issues to be analyzed, conduct a thorough analysis of relevant written materials on the organization and its market and/or institutional environment, identify, from the management literature, studies of companies and organizations which have faced similar problems, if necessary collect data through interviews with relevant stakeholders inside and outside the organization, analyze, evaluate, and interpret the findings and prepare a written report. As for the Master’s Thesis the conclusions and recommendations additionally have to be presented to senior management of the organization as well as to faculty representatives.

The selection of lecturers involved in the Executive MBA program ensures a balanced mixture of internationally renowned university professors with practical professional experience and executives from business as best practice experts. The members of the faculty are selected carefully, are subjected to strict evaluation criteria and are committed to the goal of supporting their students, by way of professional adaptation of the contents and networking of the individual modules, in developing the ability to cope with complex problems on an interdisciplinary level. Besides the actual communication of knowledge, the main focus of the lecturers is on providing application-oriented feedback and critical advice.

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